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M U S I C    F O R    T H E    N E W    M I L L E N N I U M

Three Dance Tracks
sequenced with Fruity Loops
~ mp3s ~ March 2005

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Plays all four Tracks. Click on Right Arrow.

Download/Listen: Techno101 2mins20 3.1MG
Myroslaw Bytz wrote: "I like the [Heder's] beginning beat pattern... sounds like dancehall." Made using all Fruity Loop samples [ugh], some from its 909 pack.

Download/Listen: BreakbeatRIP_MA 3mins20 3.5MG
Assembled in Fruity Loops, this track is of an imaginary funeral procession. Tess was inspired from attending a festive and live music filled 'Funeral Procession for Democracy' with thousands in New Orleans on Inauguration Day. Tess Heder also wrote this piece to keep "Snake Bytes for Max " company.

Download/Listen: HipishHop 2mins40 2.9MG
This Hip Hop piece's scenario, some girls and boys spot each other, groove for a bit, then move on. Tess Heder took the tempo [99 bpm]from a sweet, passionate, Romantic Mario [teen][Urban][2005] _HipHop song_ "Here I Go Again" -- and hoped for the best. But this thing turned out mighty heavy. Is it even in the Hip Hop zone?

Download/Listen: Pad-Thai 2mins40 2.5MG
...those who dont dance get indigestion.... The beat of this [danceable?] ambient TripHop track by Tess Heder, the finale of the series, changes incrementally as it plays. Some audio clips from the earlier tracks or from other of her works do their thing here.Watch the Music Video here.

March 2005

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