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My name is Tess Heder aka eMuse     
Sexagenarian during the 'Noughties'

Here's some background behind
the media Chronicle eMuse
"The Adventures of a SeXagenarian in the New Millennium, a media sound Odyssey"

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            Now an old dog learning new tricks, I was born on the Mason Dixon Line in 1941. I don't know which music I remember first: excerpts from a Schubert Symphony on my siblings' and my 78s turntable or whooping live Gospel Music radio broadcasts booming from the top of the fold-out ironing board in the living room where the maid ironed my father's shirts.

I finished the 2nd grade at the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. A class trip to the local Wonder Bread factory - a fantasmagoric assembly line in a huge space - made a lasting impression on me. The year was 1946 or 1947.

After that the Isenberghs volleyed between Paris, France and DC where I attended secondary schools both French and American until college in Cambridge MA in the USA. This is where I have lived mostly since. Lately my life has consistently been amazing. So I am taking this late in life moment to show and tell.

            During the 1960's, working alternate years as an apprentice and later as designer and project architect for almost a decade, I earned a Masters Degree in Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. A little time off in January 1970 became tuning in and and dropping out - Living for a year in Collobrieres, Var - . Studying voice with Amiya Bhaattacharya in Varanasi, India, etc. After five years, my son and I settled back in the homeland. There were brief reprises as an architect - late 1970's and 1980's.

Having played 'cello throughout my teens and in college, I picked it up again between 1983 and 2003, Took lessons, played in Community Symphonies and amateur string quartets. I learned some North Indian drum songs while doing daily practice for several years on Tabla Drums.

             In late 1999 I took an electronic music class at the Longy School of Music with Kurt Stallman, Joshua Skaller, Neal Farwell. The little drummer now had an axe and started playing with music and timidly issued her first CD summer 2000. During the summer 2001, Jeremy van Buskirk helped me set up some Desktop gear at my own Studio at 15 Cowperthwaite Street where I continued playing with music. And so and in so many ways, eMuse's decade long media ~ musical Odyssey Chronicle has been published.

As to the snapshots, film clips and music videos, someone handed me a digital camera just before my second trip to Hawaii in October 2002. From then on, I took pictures and video clips on my daily rounds whether to Maui and back or around my home town[s]. The daylight in my Cowperthwaite Street Studio was also good for an occasional photoshoot. And so, I have soundtracked many of my music tracks to videos made from the video clips - "Realites"-style sets of still pictures and film clips - that tell the story of some of the sights that have crossed eMuse's path during the new Millennium Noughties.

July 2005 June Funk Music Video

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Flashback Snapshot to the Sixties.
My 1967 Harvard student friend, Willie Dawkins,in San Francisco 1972
And to the early Seventies.

In the early part of the Noughties, I published several CDs published here in eMuse's Adventures as Interactive Multi Play Players media music pages :

"The First Jukebox" 1999-2001,

"Holidays 2001" December 2001, a collection of soundscapes made in the wake of 9-11

"Songs with Whales" Summer 2002 and later, the most fun,

"Homage Xtra" Winter 2003, Beethoven jokes and tribute during a deep winter.

These are each Acts in the eMuse Sound Odyssey which spans 2000-2010.

Some of eMuse's very earliest, pre-Video music pieces of note or ahem notoriety: 'Millennium Medley', 'Neptunes', 'To Max in A' were performed at Longy along with some chapters from my end of 2003 DVD "Singularities":
which is entirely set to moving stills from concurrent adventures and will be put online.

A bit later in the decade, I started producing Videos: from the first and perhaps most poetic
"Maui Suite", Three MultiMedia Pieces Summer 2004
which uses other people's music for Soundtrack

This was followed by many Videos with my own Soundtracks, to "Big Dig at Harvard, a Motor Music Video", released in 2009 thru to eMuse's 70th birthday, the cut-off date in March 2011. eMuse also published several Audio Video CDs and the DVD "Singularities," video chapters of moving stills from days in the life, showcasing my own Soundtracks.
The Crystal Soft Synth Video Quintet on eMuse's MiniMedia page is an example thereof.

                In mid-decade, I released Three Dance Tracks [really Four],
June Funk, Taps, the fine Mashup Squirrel Island
, the Video and Soundtrack Magnificent Maui,
and mostly but not all light comedy " Ten Assorted Beethoven Jokes".

Since mid-decade, eMuse's Music Videos and soft synth Music Soundtracks have proliferated. Early examples of the Music Videos A Parade of Men and Back To School,. I have set up mini-Media primarily for short soft synth music pieces and their videos. These together with Musicworks and the ~ mediasplashes ~ links above and below take you to the chapters of my media music Odyssey, the Adventures of eMuse, seXagenarian in the New Millennium. during the Noughties...

Thank you for sharing glimpses of this decade thru mine eyes.
Although time marches on, I hope you've seen
how some eMuse after 60.
And drip tawdry glamor on a dime.
When you feel down, stand tall breathe deep or Play with music or listen to a href="" target="_blank">birds and crickets or all of the above.
Hope for a bit of wisdom and a few moments of freedom to fulfill your dreams.
Fare thee well.
Tess Heder, Cambridge MA. August 2011

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ESOTERIC by Ganesh Baba

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