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Make your own Soundscapes

maui ~ The GREEN Show ~ culebra
Pictures from Far West and Far East "off the grid" sites in USA 2004-2006

Visit Birds Music
An Ongoing Interactive Push and Play Birds Music Adventure 2009

~ eMuse TROPICS Soundtracks
2003-2006 set to her Videos ~
Parade of Men Magnificent Maui SeRious
PUSH 'n PLAY              PUSH 'n PLAY             PUSH 'n PLAY
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~ A "Noughties" Retrospective brief PUSH 'n PLAY Music Interlude ~

Some bytes of LIVE Roots Music, Hip Hop, and Beethoven

Henry Butler's Web Site

Emeril's Band at Food Channel Taping NYC with guest Henry Butler 2005
Emeril's Food Channel Band NYC with guest Henry Butler 2005

My Harvard Square Neighborhood Landscape in Winter

~ mediasplashes ~ music ... eMuse'NEW MEDIA' ... beethoven jokes ... photos .... slideshows .... documedia ... vignettes ..... Tess Heder..... eMuse

Widely Downloaded eMuse Music Works ~ MP3s ~ Music Videos
Dancin' In The Streets with Whales - eMuse LITE ~ a MASHUP - Next to Last PLAYER on Page credits
Celebrate the Summer Solstice and Bastille Day with the exuberant 60's. Singing humpback whales join the party.
2.7 MB     June 2002
Neptunes - ONE OF A KIND BIG SOUNDSCAPE ! PUSH Player below
After a terrifying calamity at sea, survivors are rescued by singing whales, and other surprise visitors.
7.8 MB     Jan 2001
Sweet July Beat - COOKIN !
More info.. . The video BACK TO SCHOOL 9 MB
1.4 MB     July 2004
Summer Song
A light Summer raga (Todi) forgery played by choir, keyboard, shenai, and percussion.
5.9 MB     Aug 2000  
Shady Glade in Summer Push Player above Easy Pieces
A soothing ambient Latin track simulates a glade in the forest in summer.
An original and a generic ChaChaCha weave in and out of the mix.
5.8 MB     June 2006
Whales On the Deep off Squirrel Island Maine
Two singing humpback whales, a motor boat and a dog and . . . .WITH SLIDE SHOW
5.3 MB     June 2002
Jungle ChaCha One -   VIDEO and Jungle ChaCha Two -   VIDEO PUSH Player above
Two 30-second Latin-style loops starring South American song birds                   
0.5 MB
    April 2006   
Ode to Spring
Several percussion groups jam with strings in a vast outdoor space
Check out the video version MAGNIFICENT MAUI
4.9 MB     Mar-Jul

Hanatown Canoe Regatta ~ Maui
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EASY Pieces by eMuse Tess Heder  ~  MP3 Play or Download
Salsa~ish    a YEAR~ROUND 1min14secs PARTY LOOP 1.4 MB     Dec 2004
Three Dance Tracks  descriptions and more info  ~ PARTY ~Player at bottom Plays TRIP HOP
direct downloads:
  Techno101 mp3        HipishHop.mp3        BreakbeatRIP.mp3        TripHopPADTHAI.mp3
@ 3MB
    Mar 2005
Halloween 2001- CREEPY ! Tchaikovsky remix much influenced by 9-11. Mashed with an anthem and whale songs.   ... more ... 1.9 MB     Oct 2001   
Snake Bytes For Max In A ~ North Indian Tabla Drum song 'Dhere Dhere' backs up a goulish Elegy;        more...  8 MB     May 2001
Happy Thanksgiving Drama- HOT ! most downloaded ~ 30 secs * * * * * RAW Showcases Butler's Boogie          more various 0.9 MB     Nov 2004   
Baby Beethoven * * * OR TheBeethoven Jokes or Index to the eMuse Adventures Push and Play Music Pages 556 KB     May 2002

~ mediasplashes ~ music ... eMuse'NEW MEDIA' ... beethoven jokes ... snapshots .... slideshows .... documedia ... snippets ..... Tess Heder..... eMuseBio

Holiday Romps ~ PhotosHoots of and by eMuse ~
ESOTERIC by Ganesh Baba

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