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Kriya or simulation of Cosmic Action is primarily scanning the Kutastha , the Cosmic Sky, -- the Holy Sea, both blue, within us. The orb of Light seen at Kriya initiation or any Ideal Psychedelic “Experience” encircles that dark deep blue (azure-amethyst) pineal spot. Constant Kriya gets one gradually keyed to the Kutastha (the pineal Periscopic Screen, the ‘Cosmic Space-Maha-Akash or Maha-Sunnya – within us), the Unifying Centre which combines both the Light and the Dark principles as a SINGLE UNITARY PRINCIPLE.

As a matter of fact, the Kutastha is the crucial Centre on which Kriya-‘attention’ is focused. It is the focal point of All Cosmic Actvity; the Centre within us which is a resonant reflection of the omnipotent Centre of the entire created cosmos. Thus this is the hub-centre of all Cosmic Action; thought, the Primal Creative Cosmic Action. is one single Ultimate Unified Universal Power, one single Action, i.e. the Production of “pronov” (Primordial notal vibration), symbolized variously as Aum, (primordial), Om (Hindu), Hum (Buddhist), Amen (Christian), Omen (Jewish), and Ameen (Islamic), as it were the hum or buzz of the Cosmic Creative Motor.

This is how Kutastha, ‘Pineal’ for all practical purposes and ‘Pronov’ are intimately inter-related. The Pineal is the Pronov-centre within us as the seat of the immanent psycho-spiritual principle. These are the latter pair of the four P’s or Primes, or, pedestals, of Kriya-Yoga; Posture and Pranayama being the first pair.

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Pranayam, in order not to relapse into a mere mechanical breathing exercise, must include intent ‘Visualization’ or “peering” at the Pineal, aaccompanied by mentation of ‘Pronov” (without vocal verbationi), the vibration that is reverberating in the Created Cosmos and also resonating our ‘pineal’ – the prime psycho-spiritual Centre between our eyebrows.

PRANAYAM (Regular reposeful respiration) is the most immediate and important component of cosmic pulsation, repetitively reproduced as the respiration process - the most vital, life sustaining biological function so long as we are alive.

Its practice, therefore, amounts to plain and simple optimal reposed and rhythmic breathing. Continuous or sustained breathing is thus a crucial condition of continuous life process and vice-versa. They are directly dependent on each other. Stop breathing, life stops; stop life, breathing stops.

But proper Pranayam (P2) cannot be practiced without proper erect spinal Posture (P1), the first ‘P’ of the four ‘P’s of Yoga. Similarly proper Pineal-peering (visualization) or P3, does not yield optimally without proper ‘Pronov-mentation’ (ajapa: unspoken, non-chanted, unuttered repetition of the sacred syllable (om) – The ‘word’ that was with God, the Word that was God – Genesis I;I), P4. These are the twin neighbours of Pranayam P2 in the natural order of the four Primes (The prime posts or pillars of the pedestal), or simply the four P’s of Kriya-yoga: Posture P1, Pranayam P2, Pineal P3 and Pronov P4.

In practicing Yoga, esp. Kriya-Yoga, proper priority of perfection (the same natural serial sequence as the order in which the four P’s have been Placed above) must be maintained.

When the 4P’s are perfected, one is ready for higher experiments in Kriya-Yoga. It is the primary pedestal on which the entire Yogic Process or System is squarely placed. The Higher stages are available to those who can successfully negotiate the ‘ground-floor:

the 4Ps.

Proper Posture P1, is almost always, the ‘Anatomical position,’ or simply fully-erect spine. Posture and straight spine are not only somewhat symphonetic but are almost synonymous in Yogic parlance. Bucked-up-back is the primary pose for Proper Posture P 1.

This must constantly, continuously, without any excuse for interruption, be maintained by every aspiring human being having even an iota of initial sense of evolutionary role of man in the cosmic context. At the time of Kriya-meditation, (real Transcendental Meditation, not the fictional, if not fictitious, as the ones in the current vogue abroad), however, ‘Lotus Posture’ is an added advantage to set the body-mind machine on its optimal operational ‘Communion,’ the highest item in human aspiration, the summital specific property of our species in the scheme of evolution. But remember it is only for an added advantage, not a must. Any other position, with Spinal Column maintained as a column (that is a most important ‘must’) is good enough for constant Kriya.

We have only to keep ‘tuned-in’ to that Vital-function. “Kriya-initiation” is that crucial ‘turning on’ of the human machine. It is like ‘Switching on’ the Psycho-Somatic integrated circuit: an introduction into the neon eye or magic-eye indicator of activised pineal glowing radiantly in the inner sky of consciousness, the inner orb of Light, encircling the azure-amethyst ellipse at the center of the periscopic psychic screen of inward vision at the Kutastha. The Kriya-initiator, whose pineal is already activated and maintained in activised state can consciously activate another’s pineal by process of psycho-somatic inductance. The aspirant then can recapture it through practice of 4-p or psycho-spiritual resonance of ‘Pronov.’

Once introduced and acquainted with the activated ‘Pineal glow’ on the screen of inner, closed-eye vision, i.e., once ‘turned on’ or ‘initiated’ into Kriya yoga, (4P’s), one can recall and reproduce or rather recapture the effulgent Aura of inner White Light by simultaneous quadratic or 4P Action as explained and demonstrated by Kriya mentor or Master. That is the essence of ‘tuning-in’ technique. Kriya-practice is the only appropriate process for a proper ‘tuning-in.’ Biochemical boosting by psychedelic drugs such as L.S.D., mescaline, cannabis and the entire rest… may, in certain extreme cases, be diagnostically indicated as additives to proper ‘turning on’ or ‘tuning in.’ Kriya technique is the only scientific, automatic auto’’tuning in’ device open to the common average man aspiring after Self-realization, - progressive experience of existential reality by conscious creative Self effort (Saadhana).

scan of page 1 of manuscript

These things will not, in the beginning be perfectly clear to you, unless you do practice Kriya rightly, regularly and punctually. In other things you may better let yourself break from routine, rigid regularity or punctuality. But only in the field of striving for conscious self-guided Communion with the Cosmic Consciousness, the Lord!- You have to be rigidly regular and routined.

While you are in the ‘initiate stage,’ you must severly restrict the open discussion of the intimate esoteric subjects to only very intimate co-initiates, or more ideally, completely deny any discussion with any body, who-soever. It is a very essential part of your sikhya or education in the matter that you must avoid discussion or divulging of details.

But the main effective thing is your regular daily-dose of Kriya – diving daily into your own calm center (Pineal Periscope). – (T.S.Eliot) or in Kriya terminology:

Kutasta. (Pineal Periscope).

Yes, Kutastha is the Central core of our Spirituo-Conscious, Bio-psychic or psycho-somatic, Electro-magnetic, and physio-chemical being. It is the active vital Center of our organizing ability as advanced organisms in the scheme of general volution. In fact it is the crucial core of our being. It is the seat of our total being. It is also the effulgent center of the Concent-rated, Condensed Consciousness and as it were the ‘space-launching’ base for catapult-ing the Capsule of the Spiritual Cosmonaut in us into the open expanse of Cosmic Consciousness.

Those who traverse and scan the Cosmic Sky, the Spiritual space-the Holy Sea, the Cosmicave of Consciousness at the Kutastha, by Kriya-Communion through Yoni Mudra or the Modulation for recapturing the Genetic-Vision which was demonstrated to you at the time of ‘initiation’ and which yo were especially enjoined to practice. You were also asked to practice Pranayam with regular, reposed, reciprocal, rhythmic respiration by using both upper and lower lungs and the diaphragm simultaneously (Integral Breathing). This was also practically demonstrated to you.

Well it is that you do it off and on in between close secular works; and, after some time of practice, even in the course and conduct of these works. They become almost automatic in the course of constant and close practice. Almost all functional works become guided by an automatic Cosomic Compass steering the Course of Ships of your lives in this vast turbulent ocean of The World and leading you to your home-ports in Infinity and Eternity.

Mind you some specific regular appointed ‘Kriya-time’ (or Quiet-time) is a must of the Initiate. As you proceed with your Kriya-practice consistently and sincerely, being honest to your own very ‘selves’, the impact, implications and scientific significance of these statements will burst forth into your then clarified field of consciousness. Closer and closer you go toward the visible Calm-centre demonstrated during Kriya-vision at the Pineal Screen, clearer and clearer shall become the total import of these long-sentenced statements. Their sense will then dawn on you with their total clarity and utter simplicity. Because by then they would have been part of your actually realized experiences, the truths that realize or eXperience by actual empirical eXperiments.

As in the laboratory experiments of science and technology, so in the yogic experiments of this Scientific Spiritualisation Process, the same common sense of empiricism prevails. Only the Yogi’s laboratory expands into the entire Cosmos in which his ‘body-mind’ machine becomes an Integral Instrument – a superduper, radio-television, gyro-oscillo-spectroscope that can ‘receive’ and ‘radiate’; come into rapport with the various ‘quantum-levels’ of Cosmic consciousness, Consciously, voluntarily, volitionally in the course of his/hers empirical experiments which Kriya practice indeed is.

Kriya-Yoga is totally systematic, scientific, methodical, and technically perfect if properly utilized and can withstand any assault from any quarter, without yielding even an inch to the highest ‘high-priests’ of profanity.

Don’t forget ‘you’; ‘we all’ are Integrated psychosomatic machines (Nature’s Integrated Circuits) which monitor the manufacture of millions of myriads of man-made machines. The working principles of all mechanical gadgets, machines, engines, and technological projects discovered up-to-date, and to be discovered by human ingenuity, are all products of human thought intellection, moulding machination. These Crucial Creative Capacities are inherent and potential in every human being. There cannot be any argument that the human machine is a superduper one, the manufacture of which is evidently transcending any conceivable ingenuity of any man-made science, at any conceivable time, period or epoch.

That man can never manufacture a man, as he manufactures a machine is beyond the fondest or proudest human hopes or imagination. Man’s ingenuity can stretch to study and understand the workings and principles of the human machine and to make it work for progressive perfection along his/her optimal evolutionary Course through the phenomenal universe.

But its highest utilizations are in the arena of the astral or occult and causal or spiritual sciences such as tantra and yoga. That’s in the area or region of Spiritual Sciences and Technologies – the Integral or Synthetic Sciences of Communion and auto-integration. All sciences (both the material and the spiritual) are closely-inter-related and interconnected fields. As a matter of fact, between them they constitute the Complete Science, the Total Technology: Gnosis—Absolute Knowledge WISDOM! The multidimensional discipline! Neglecting even any small aspect in the total scheme of Science, a close, complete, composite tool for exploring and expanding into Infnity in all its diverse ramifications in the finite relatve range!

Such a central crucial and critical-science is Kriya into which you have been duly Initiated – the Primary Introduction. As you proceed with the practice of the 4P’s the other successive initiations will be automatically done or automatically arranged for being done through personal imparting by Guru. According to Col. Powell the great theoscientist, that’s what I call the so-called Theosophists, there are five initiations intervening the initial Initiation and attainment of Adeptship. Science tallies admirably with the views of Lahiri Mahasaya, one of the greatest exponents and experimenters in esoteric Kriya-science of Raja-Yoga. I agree; simply because it admirable agrees with the five broad elements or ingredients of our body; solid, liquid, gas, energy and vacuum the 5 broad-spectrum elements in our bio-bodies called the panch bhutas. Each initiation is a successive transcend-ence through these five elements in order to transcend the limits of the physical body. Fine indeed is Nature’s matching of means and End! Fine indeed.

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This text was typed from the manuscript and proof-read by Ganesh Baba at Assi Ghat in Benares during between December 1973 and February 1974.

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