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Download: Halloween2001

Size: 1.9 MB

Date: October 2001

Description: "Halloween 2001"

Halloween ~ An Homage to Tchaikovsky
A short Mashup of assorted spooky sound effects and a Tchaikovsky Waltz, greatly inspired by the horrific events of 9-11.

Also the Overture of the "War Horses Tracks" on the Album "Holidays 2001 - Distribute Freely"

The "Holidays 2001 - Distribute Freely" CD is the first album Tess Heder issued from her first Studio on Cowperthwaite Street
The "Holidays 2001" CD includes a Cycle of Six Mashups that examines how familiar war-horse pieces from various eras stand up to, interact, or even provide cover for some everyday sounds recorded during the weeks after 9-11: unsolicited ads received on the Studio answering machine become a choir of male voices in the final song, Beethoven 7th slow movement; thruout, some short snippets of a few Pop Tunes from the Vietnam War era, my own "Anthem 9-11" etc, attempt to capture the feel of life in my neighborhood during the days that followed 9-11.
With the addition of the voices of humpback whales and Monkees mid-piece, Neptunes written the year before 9-11 becomes the central piece of the Album as it _ahem_ describes well the 9-11 theme of this album Halloween2001, This track, the Song heard here, mashed with excerpts from a Tchaikovsky Overture, is the Curtain opener for Track 4, Neptunes_ii.

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